Using English Idioms

Introduction English idioms are entertaining but can be somewhat difficult to use. Rather than go through specific idioms and explain their meaning and/or origin, this article will look at the ways in which idioms are used and the potential dangers of incorrect usage. What are idioms? In a nutshell (an idiom!), idioms are expressions, or … [Read more…]

How to be Polite in English

This post will take a short look at one aspect of how to be polite in English. Introduction The English are a strange group of people. There are numerous ‘society rules’ that most Brits instinctively understand, that can be a minefield for unwary foreigners. A lot of these involve adhering to accepted behaviour, both in … [Read more…]

How to Live in Another Country

how to live in another country - business english success

This post deals with the question of how to live in another country. I’m not talking about short holidays, but actually moving long-term. Introduction Whether as a teacher or a student, you might find yourself moving to another country as a result of language learning. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover new people, places … [Read more…]

BookBub Daily Deals

business english success - bookbub

Introduction to BookBub This post takes a look at BookBub ( and its service, especially the BookBub daily deals. In a previous post, I looked at modern language learning aids and noted that reading was a very good resource. We now take a closer look at a way of getting heavily discounted e-books to read. … [Read more…]

Super Amazing Essays Review

super amazing essays

Introduction to Super Amazing Essays This is a review of the Super Amazing Essays series of books. There is an expression that a wise person learns from his or her mistakes. These days, most people understand that the truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others. This is the concept behind some interesting books … [Read more…]

Does Grammarly Work?

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What is Grammarly? Grammarly is an online error-detection and correction tool that improves communication by helping people find and correct their writing mistakes. Not only does Grammarly suggest corrections, it explains the reasoning behind the suggestion. There are three parts to consider: the browser plugin the MS Word plugin the standalone application The browser plugin … [Read more…]