American and British Business English

American and British Business English

Understanding the Differences Between American and British Business English As a global language, English is spoken by millions of people all around the world. However, the way in which English is spoken can vary greatly depending on the region. Two of the most prominent variations of British (UK) English and American (US) English. These two … [Read more…]

ChatGPT for Language Learners

chatgpt udemy course

Introduction to ChatGPT – Revolutionise Your Language Learning With AI In this post I will look at the ChatGPT – Revolutionise Your Language Learning With AI  (direct link), which is an fascinating course for anyone who is interested in using modern artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their English. Or any foreign language, for that matter. This course gives … [Read more…]

Contractions in English Communication

contractions in english

Contractions in English Communication – Introduction We all use some form of contraction in our daily lives. For example, when we say “I can’t afford it” or “I’m going out” – these phrases are using contractions. It’s true that not all English learners know how to use them correctly and not everyone has an appreciation for … [Read more…]

British Meal Times

british meal times - business english success

British Meal Times – Introduction British meal times can be confusing for foreign visitors. This post will look at the cause of this confusion and offer some solutions, plus a valuable tip for avoiding embarassment. For those of you who prefer your content in video format, here’s a video based on this blog post. The … [Read more…]

What are Homonyms?

what are homonyms - business english success

What are Homonyms? – Introduction This post answers the question, “What are homonyms?” and gives some everyday examples. In a previous post, we looked at English heteronym examples, in which the word meaning changed, based on how the word was pronounced. We now look at how individual words can have different meanings, even when they … [Read more…]

Hair Idioms

hair idioms business english success

Hair Idioms – Introduction Hair idioms are quite common in English and, as is often the case with idioms, they usually have nothing to do with actual hair. As we shall see, the idiom meaning refers to a situation or emotion, expressed using hair metaphors. Please be aware of the pitfalls of using idioms incorrectly. … [Read more…]

How to Improve English Listening Skills

improve english listening skills - business english success

How to Improve English Listening Skills – Introduction In this article, I will look at various ways in which you can improve English listening skills. Although we focus on the English language here, this will also apply to any language. General Points and Tips Before diving into individual methods, here are a few general things … [Read more…]

Summer Sayings and Idioms

summer sayings and idioms - business english success

Introduction The weather is getting hot now I thought this would be a good time to talk about some suitable summer sayings and idioms. Strangely enough, although they involve summery terms, they don’t have very much to do with the weather. Don’t think that all summer sayings and idioms are all sunshine and positivity. Scroll … [Read more…]