Summer Sayings and Idioms

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Introduction The weather is getting hot now I thought this would be a good time to talk about some suitable summer sayings and idioms. Strangely enough, although they involve summery terms, they don’t have very much to do with the weather. Don’t think that all summer sayings and idioms are all sunshine and positivity. Scroll … [Read more…]

What are Heteronyms?

what are heteronyms - business english success

What are Heteronyms? – Introduction This post answers the question, “What are heteronyms?” and gives some everyday examples. In a previous post, we looked at some fun English intonation examples, in which the sentence meaning changed, based on which word was emphasised. We now look at how individual words can have different meanings, based on … [Read more…]

Using English Idioms

Using English idioms – introduction English idioms are entertaining but can be somewhat difficult to use. Rather than go through specific idioms and explain their meaning and/or origin, this article will look at the ways of using English idioms and the potential dangers of incorrect usage. For those of you who prefer your content in … [Read more…]