Fun Word Search Puzzles for English Language Learners


This post is all about a book with word search puzzles for English language learners.

The book provides a fun and effective way to improve your vocabulary. Please read on to find out how.


Before the days of smartphones, there used to be electronic hand-held devices that could quickly translate words for you. Have you ever used one of those electronic gadgets to translate while you were on holiday, for example? These days, it’s much more likely that you will have an app on your phone for the same thing.

They’re certainly useful if you’re in a foreign country and quickly need to find a word. However, as a learning aid, they’re not really suitable.

It’s easy to see why this is the case – you get the answer too quickly and forget it just as quickly. Your mind just doesn’t spend enough time thinking about the words and, as a result, doesn’t form long term associations required for memory retention.

This is where this new book with word search puzzles for English language learners comes in.

You don’t find the word immediately and have to spend time actively searching for the English word. You spend more time thinking about the words and you can remember them a lot longer. This is an obvious advantage when you’re learning vocabulary.

Not only that, but if you’re having fun, the language learning is like a free bonus. Many people really like word search puzzles and do them for fun in their free time. If you’re one of those people, then this book will be doubly useful for you, as you get both the fun of the puzzles and the extra learning benefit. Does that sound good to you?


Here is an example of the content.Word Search Puzzles for English Language Learners

As you can see, the word search puzzle is on the right side and the vocabulary list is on the left side. You can click on the image to see a larger version.

On the right side is the word search puzzle itself and you can find the English words hidden in the puzzle. For those who aren’t familiar with word search puzzles, you have to find the words in the grid. They can be horizontally, vertically or diagonally. When you find a word, use a pen or pencil to make a ring around the word to mark it.

All the time you’re looking for a word, you’re actively thinking about that word and making it easier to remember.

On the left side, there is a table with the English words, with space for the translation of that word in your own native language. The image shows the page of 30 words around the topic of town and city.

Other topics include:

  • numbers
  • days and months
  • vegetables
  • family members
  • animals
  • fruits
  • ordinals
  • EU countries
  • colours
  • Halloween
  • sports
  • countries
  • summer
  • nationalities
  • furniture
  • body parts
  • lounge (living room)
  • winter
  • professions
  • bathroom
  • Christmas
  • hobbies
  • clothing
  • bedroom
  • hotel
  • restaurant
  • musical instruments

There are over 800 words in total!

The answers are at the end of the book so you can check your answers or get help if you need it.


Word Search Puzzles for English Language Learners CoverThis book with word search puzzles for English language learners provides a fun and stimulating way to learn vocabulary.

It is designed for beginners and lower intermediate levels but will be useful and fun for learners of all levels.

This book with word search puzzles for English language learners is very reasonably priced and it available on all Amazon sites. Please click the image or this link to check on the price for your area.

If you have this book, we would be interested in your thoughts and feedback, either here or on Amazon.

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