Complete Punctuation and Writing Course

Introduction to the Complete Punctuation and Writing Course

In this post I will look at the Complete Punctuation and Writing Course (direct link), which is a great course for anyone who is interested in improving their English punctuation and writing skills.

This course gives you, the English language learner, a complete overview of English punctuation, as well as the ability and the confidence to write (and speak) English more fluently.

What is the Complete Punctuation and Writing Course?

This is my very own Udemy course.

This post has more information about Udemy, for those who are unfamiliar with this site.

I am a qualified and experienced TEFL/TESOL teacher and this course covers all of the aspects of English punctuation. Each lesson covers a specific topic and has a downloadable PDF file that will form a useful library for offline learning and reference.

I respect your time. The lessons are as long as necessary, and as short as possible.

What does the course cover?

The course is split into two parts: the punctuation and writing part and the communication part.

The 5 hours of punctuation includes:

  • Punctuation
  • Nouns
  • Articles
  • Tenses and aspects
  • Miscellanous

Each section deals with a specific area of English punctuation and writing, as shown in the list above. The sections contain a series of lessons that focus on one point within that area. There are clear explanations and plenty of examples and a downloadable PDF file is available for each lesson.

The lectures can be accessed in any order, so you can pick and mix lessons to suit your needs.

Where there are differences between UK and US punctuation usage, these are explained in the lesson.

I encourage you to ask questions if you feel that something has not been fully or clearly explained. I will definitely answer your question and, if necessary, I will update the course material. Depending on the answer, I will add a new lesson to the course.

The second part is about 25 hours of content and shows how to use this punctuation knowledge in a practical way, in the areas of communication, media and rhetoric.

If you have ever done any other online courses before, you will quickly realise that this is a huge course.

Who benefits from the Complete Punctuation and Writing Course?

This is a course that will benefit learners of all levels.

The great thing about the Udemy platform is the way in which the videos can be sped up or slowed down. Advanced learners might want to speed thing up a bit and it you find the lessons a little fast, you can slow them down to a speed that is more to your liking.

As mentioned earlier, you can access the lessons in any order, so feel free to jump to a section with lessons that cover your learning needs.

What does the course cost?

The standard price for this course is $199.99 but due to Udemy’s pricing policy and special offers, it is likely that you will be able to get it for a heavily reduced price.

Unfortunately, Udemy have changed the way that discount codes work. There is a limit of three per month and they no longer have long-term discounts.

I did have a link for a huge discount but this no longer works, which is annoying.

Please use this link to get the course at the current discounted price!

Please check out the course and leave a review.

Complete Punctuation and Writing Course – summary

There are many English punctuation courses around. What makes this one special?

Here is a list of reasons why I think this Complete Punctuation and Writing Course is valuable and worth your time and money. How many of your boxes can I tick?

  • Native speakers
  • Experienced and qualified teachers
  • Neutral and easy to understand accent
  • Lessons structured for easy access
  • Downloadable resources for each lesson
  • No bloated lessons to trick you or waste your time
  • Valid for UK and US English
  • Active teachers who answer your questions
  • Updates as required by the learners
  • Massive amount of content
  • Udemy 30-day refund policy

This is the English punctuation course you need. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

The Complete English Grammar Course - register

Please click the course image below (or this link) to enroll now and start perfecting your English punctuation.

Complete Punctuation and Writing course

What are your thoughts on these type of courses? Have you already done a course like this, or maybe even this exact one?

Please use the comments section below to tell us about it.

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