Using English Idioms

Introduction English idioms are entertaining but can be somewhat difficult to use. Rather than go through specific idioms and explain their meaning and/or origin, this article will look at the ways in which idioms are used and the potential dangers of incorrect usage. What are idioms? In a nutshell (an idiom!), idioms are expressions, or … [Read more…]

How to be Polite in English

This post will take a short look at one aspect of how to be polite in English. Introduction The English are a strange group of people. There are numerous ‘society rules’ that most Brits instinctively understand, that can be a minefield for unwary foreigners. A lot of these involve adhering to accepted behaviour, both in … [Read more…]

What Does Fingers Crossed Mean?

Introduction This article answers the question “What does fingers crossed mean?” You might think you know the answer, but as well will see, there is more than one correct answer. The meaning depends on your location and/or language. The English Version In most English-speaking countries, people cross their fingers for one of two reasons. For … [Read more…]