Summer Sayings and Idioms

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Introduction The weather is getting hot now I thought this would be a good time to talk about some suitable summer sayings and idioms. Strangely enough, although they involve summery terms, they don’t have very much to do with the weather. Don’t think that all summer sayings and idioms are all sunshine and positivity. Scroll … [Read more…]

Using English Idioms

Using English idioms – introduction English idioms are entertaining but can be somewhat difficult to use. Rather than go through specific idioms and explain their meaning and/or origin, this article will look at the ways of using English idioms and the potential dangers of incorrect usage. For those of you who prefer your content in … [Read more…]

How to be Polite in English

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This post will take a short look at one aspect of how to be polite in English. How to be polite in English – introduction The English are a strange group of people (I’m a Brit, so I’m allowed to say that). There are numerous ‘society rules‘ that most Brits instinctively understand, that can be … [Read more…]

7 Funny Hangover Sayings

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A Familiar Situation? Hangovers are horrible. No matter how much fun you had the night before, it never seems quite worth it in the morning (or whenever you wake up). They say that laughter is the best medicine, so maybe these funny hangover sayings and expressions might help cure your headache. For some strange reason, … [Read more…]

What is the Opposite of Black?

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The opposite of black – introduction This short article will answer the question “What is the opposite of black?” To many people, this is just too easy. But be careful about things that seem too easy – the answer could be more involved than you think. For those of you who prefer content in video … [Read more…]

What Does Fingers Crossed Mean?

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What Does Fingers Crossed Mean? – Introduction This article answers the question “What does fingers crossed mean?” You might think you know the answer, but as well will see, there is more than one correct answer. The meaning depends on your location and/or language. Here is a video based on this post, for those of … [Read more…]

English Intonation Examples

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English intonation examples – introduction This article take a light-hearted look at some fun English intonation examples. This English intonation examples video is based on this post and is here for those who prefer to see a video. What is intonation? As in music, intonation is the melody, the way in which the tone varies … [Read more…]

Thinking the Unthinkable

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Thinking the unthinkable (This may well be my shortest post ever, but I hope it’s still considered worthwhile.) For those who prefer a video format, please check out this video. Question: how do you think the unthinkable? Answer: with an itheberg … Apologies for any pain caused by this bad joke. Do you know a … [Read more…]