How to Say Numbers in English

how to say numbers in english

How to say numbers in English – an introduction The question of how to say numbers in English might seem to be a trivial matter. After all, numbers are just numbers (aren’t they?). However, if you’ve read some of my other articles, you will not be surprised to find the word ‘context’ making an appearance. … [Read more…]

How to Get Free Ebooks

business english success - bookbub

How to get free ebooks – introduction to Bookbub This post takes a look at how to get free ebooks by using BookBub ( and its service, especially the BookBub daily deals. For those who prefer to watch something, there is a video of this post here. In a previous post, I looked at modern … [Read more…]

Super Amazing Essays Review

super amazing essays

Introduction to Super Amazing Essays This is a review of the Super Amazing Essays series of books. There is an expression that a wise person learns from his or her mistakes. These days, most people understand that the truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others. This is the concept behind some interesting books … [Read more…]

BEC Vantage Exam

business english success

Cambridge English Website I would like to introduce and recommend the official Cambridge English website to anyone taking the BEC Vantage exam. The whole website is an excellent place for English learners. Here, I would like to focus on one specific aspect, namely the previously mentioned exam. BEC Vantage Exam If you’re taking, or intend … [Read more…]