Perfect English Membership Site

Perfect English – a new membership site

Perfect English is a new membership site for English language learners that will go live at the start of June 2020.

perfect english membership site

There will be a lot for English language learners of all levels, including:

  • complete grammar training
  • complete punctuation training
  • language training with idioms, phrasal verbs etc.
  • weekly Q&A sessions (see video below)
  • forums to contact me and your fellow learners

This video shows an extract of the first Q&A video, so that you can see the sort of thigs you can expect –  you should find it interesting. The video also explains why the new membership site is called Perfect English.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Perfect English, you can go to and see more information about this new membership site.

On the page, you can also sign up and receive extra information, as well as the option to gain early access before the doors open. This is purely for information and there is no obligation to join the site, no credit card required – you really have nothing to lose.

I’m really excited about this new membership site and looking forward to it going live. The site is for your benefit and content will be added, based on the needs of the members.

Maybe we’ll see each other there?

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