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Perfect English – a new membership site

Perfect English is a new membership site for English language learners that is now live.

Please note that due to (in my opinion, ridiculous) restrictions from the German tax office, I can only offer this for companies. Individual language learners are not currently able to access the content. Believe me, I’m as annoyed and disappointed as anyone.

The good news is that I will be launching something similar soon (towards the end of 2022).

This will be aimed at professionals who feel that a lack of English skills is holding them back in their workplace.

People who get nervous about having to give a presentation in English, or are hesitant to speak up during English meetings for fear of looking foolish.

People who wish to earn the respect and trust of colleagues and clients with confident English skills.

If this describes you, then you should check out the details on this page.

Maybe we’ll see each other there?


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