What is the Best TEFL Course?

What is the Best TEFL Course? – Introduction The question “What is the best TEFL course?” is similar to the question “What is the best banana cake recipe?” The matter is highly subjective and different people will have different answers. Your circumstances and preferences are unique to you. (Also, I have used the term TEFL … [Read more…]

Rich Morning Show Review

business english success - rich morning show

What is the Rich Morning Show? The Rich Morning Show is an online English training program for beginners and younger learners. Each lesson features a video (the Rich Morning Show – roughly two minutes long), followed by questions, mini-lessons, and personalised revision exercises. You can access up to 20 lessons per month. If the concept … [Read more…]

360training Business English Review


360training Business English review – introduction This is a review of the 360training Business English offering on their web-site. NB: since the initial post, 360training have removed this course. I’ll update the article if this changes in the future. What is 360training? 360training is a company that offers online training on a variety of subjects. … [Read more…]

What is Udemy?

udemy courses

What is Udemy? All the details So, what is Udemy exactly? Udemy is an online course provider. This article will take a closer look at the online training provider, to see what they have to offer and how it works. The comments in this article apply to Business English courses and general English courses. Background … [Read more…]

Can You Learn Business English Online?

business english online course

Learn Business English online – introduction What do you think? Can you learn Business English online? This is a good question and the answer is not immediately obvious. My old way of thinking A couple of years ago, my immediate answer to the question of whether it was possible to learn Business English online would … [Read more…]